Salient Features

  • Wide Input Window
  • Generator Compatible
  • Computer Grade Power
  • Micro Processor Design
  • DEC TGBT Charger (70% Electricity Save)
  • IGBT Based Hi-Frequency PWM Inverter
  • Inverter Efficincy > 95%
  • Distortion Less then 3 %
  • Crystal Controlled Output Frequency. 50Hz+0.01%
  • Low noise<50db up to 10KVA
  • High Crest Factor>4:1
  • Compact, Sleek Design
  • Unlimited Backup
  • Computer Interface

Complete Blackout and Brownout Protection

According to Study by Bells Labs, under voltage & sudden dips represent the majority of power problem. Wide Input range & Online design of “Powercon” UPS prevent date loss caused by outrages & brown outs.

Network Interface Port

Provided tye security of an automatic shut down on all major network operating system including Novells, Windows NT/Windows, Unix etc. (optional kit may be required).

Computer Grade Line Conditioning with isolation

Superior full time isolation is built into all “Powercon” UPS. Output is fully isolated by double conversion & isolation transformer. No need to have extra isolation transformer as required for imported system.

Powercon UPS are available in following configuration:

  • Stand alone true Online UPS
  • Single/Three phase input/output
  • Dual redundant Hot Standby type UPS
  • Parallel Redundant load sharing type UPS